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Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of musicals and theater in Madrid 2024. 

Discover our catalogue, which includes renowned shows like Mamma Mia!, Matilda, Chicago the Musical, The Book of Mormon, and many more. 

Do you have kids in the family? We also have children’s musicals for sale in Madrid so that the whole family can enjoy an incredible day. Take advantage of the offers we provide and purchase musical tickets for Madrid through our official ticket-selling page. If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend one of these events yet, don’t worry! You still have time to enjoy an incredible moment. Don’t miss musicals in Madrid with discounts on Instanticket.

The best-selling musicals in Madrid

Art, music, and fun come together in Madrid in 2024 with a diverse selection of musicals and theater. The capital offers different kinds of events for all budgets, allowing you to enjoy musicals and theater in Madrid. 

Madrid has become the Spanish equivalent of Broadway, attracting the biggest musicals of the moment. Walking down Gran Vía means having a thousand options of musicals and theater in front of you. You can enjoy «Mamma Mia! The Musical” at the Teatro Rialto. You can even enjoy one of the best musicals in Madrid, «The Lion King,» at the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid or Chicago the musical at Teatro Nuevo Apolo for example.  

From Instanticket, we offer you the best selection of musicals and theaters in Madrid, along with convenient ticket sales, so you can choose the option that better suits your preferences. Get your tickets fast and safely, enjoying the best prices and offers. 

Come and enjoy the magic of the musical in Madrid with Instanticket!

Entradas Musical The Producers Nuevo Teatro Alcalá


The Producers El Musical - Madrid

Nuevo Teatro Alcalá

Desde 20,29€

06 MAR - 28 ABR

20% dto

Entradas musical Sufre Mamón en Teatro Arlequín de Madrid


Sufre mamón

Teatro Arlequín



15% de dto

entradas chicago el musical madrid


Entradas para Chicago, el musical de Broadway, ¡disponibles ahora en Madrid!

Teatro Apolo

Desde 27,69€


25% dto

Descuento The book of mormon El Musical Madrid


Entradas The Book of Mormon - Teatro Calderón

Teatro Calderón

Desde 15,43€


Hasta 25% dto

Los sueños de Elsa


Los sueños de Elsa

Teatro Arlequín

Desde 15,00€


Venta de entradas Gracias por Venir tributo a Lina Morgan en Teatro Arlequín


Gracias por venir Tributo a Lina Morgan

Teatro Arlequín

Desde 20,00€


14% dto

Entradas descuentos Matilda El Musical 2ª Temporada


Matilda El Musical en Madrid

Nuevo Teatro Alcalá

Desde 19,00€



Hasta 25% dto


Mamma mia musical Madrid

Teatro Rialto Madrid

Desde 22,43€


25% dto

Top musicals in Madrid 2024

At Instanticket, we work closely with leading promoters and we employ leading technology to provide you with access to the best musicals in Madrid in 2024. 

Are you looking for tickets to «The Lion King,» «Mamma Mia!,» «The Book of Mormon,» or other musical performances in Madrid? We’re here to assist you. 

Our extensive selection includes musicals and theater productions in Madrid for all ages, from children’s shows in Madrid to theatrical works for adults.  

If you’re interested in buying tickets for musicals in Madrid, you’ve come to the right place! Explore our range of theaters and musicals in Madrid to find the perfect option for your next outing. Whether you seek theater in Madrid with live music or simply want to enjoy a performance in one of the exciting theaters in Madrid, we have something for every type of spectator. Plus, we offer the best discounts on theater in Madrid. Take advantage of musical offers in Madrid. Discounts Madrid.  

At Instanticket, we are dedicated to providing you with the best experience for enjoying musicals and theater in Madrid. Here, we recommend the top musicals in Madrid for 2024. 


Chicago The Musical

Is a stage production that tells the story of two women imprisoned for murder and their struggle for freedom. This production is an adaptation of the famous Broadway musical and is considered one of the most thrilling and successful works in the genre.

The Book of Mormon

Written by the creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with the composer Robert Lopez, the musical tells the story of Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, two young mormons who travel to Uganda to try to convert the local population to mormonism.

The Producers

This extraordinary and hilarious comedy created by Mel Brooks is the most awarded musical in history (Tony, Oscar, Grammy), filled with hilarious situations, charming characters, and spectacular musical numbers that have left a mark on the history of theater.

Matilda The Musical

Inmerse yourself in the fascinating world of the musical "Matilda," currently being presented at the Nuevo Teatro Alcalá in Madrid. Discover the story of Matilda Wormwood, a brilliant girl who finds comfort in books and realizes she possesses telekinetic powers.

The Lion King

Is the most successful and long-running musical. It's a family-friendly musical production that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. It is the result of a combination of musical and theatrical talents with African, Western, and Asian performing arts.

Mamma Mía! The Musical

Is the musical comedy that will have you singing, and feeling the rhythm of the songs by the swedish group ABBA. This makes it the perfect musical for all ages and audiences, whether you want to enjoy it with your partner, family, friends, or even enjoy a moment on your own.

The Phantom of the Opera

Dive into a spiral of obsession through The Phantom of the Opera and discover a thrilling tale of love and death. It revolves around a musical genius who hides from the world in the depths of a theater and Christine, a woman with a heavenly voice who soon uncovers the terror hidden behind his mask.

Sufre mamón

Is a musical comedy written by Cari Antón, where spectators can dance, sing, and participate in those songs that always appear at a good party. Spanish and international hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s will be performed. "Come and enjoy the classics!"

Aladdin: the musical

A surprising journey filled with dreams, intrigue, and friendship, where you won't stop being moved by the fantastic story of Aladdin. You'll also enjoy one of the most outstanding soundtracks of all time and a majestic staging that is pure magic. Will you be the next to fall under its spell?

Musicals that have left their mark

New York and London have been famous for hosting iconic musicals like «Les Misérables,» «Cabaret,» «Billy Elliot,» and «West Side Story.» How many times has the famous and legendary dance from «Grease» been imitated? Unforgettable shows that have left increibles memories in our minds.  

In the 1970s, Madrid embraced musicals, bringing «Jesus Christ Superstar» with Camilo Sesto as the lead, which caused a great controversy at the time of its premiere for some religious groups. «A Chorus Line» is one of the most represented musicals with numerous records in history. In 2019, it was brought to Spain for the first time by Antonio Banderas. We can’t forget «The Phantom of the Opera,» the most recognized musical. 

Later on, national musicals were created, and as a result of the boom in the production of their own musicals, Madrid ended up becoming what it is today: the city of musicals for excellence. Publicfrom all over Spain have come to Madrid for musical tourism on Gran Vía. 

Zarzuelas in Madrid

Nothing is more typically madrileño than Zarzuela. It is the quintessential genre in Madrid, especially during significant dates like San Isidro. The Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid is the only space in the world created exclusively for this Spanish lyrical genre. The Teatro de la Zarzuela, which survived the Civil War, was declared a National Monument in 1994. Today, works from the repertoire and zarzuelas like «Agua, azucarillos y aguardiente,» «La Verbena de la Paloma,» «La Revoltosa,» or «La Rosa del Azafrán» continue to be performed. 

Zarzuela has two important ways of expression: the género chico or short genre, which includes works with one act and popular Madrid characters; and the gran zarzuela or grand genre, which includes works with several acts. 

People often tend to associate opera with zarzuela. The difference between the two is that in opera, there is always musical accompaniment, whereas in zarzuela, there is a combination of theater, singing, and dance, a tradition deeply rooted in Madrid’s culture. 

Entradas Música maestra una vida de zarzuela teatro amaya


¡Música, maestra! Una vida de zarzuela

Teatro Amaya

Desde 19,00€

18 JUL - 04 AGO

Entradas ópera La traviata Teatro Amaya zarzuela


Ópera La Traviata

Teatro Amaya

Desde 19,00€

11 JUL - 14 JUL

Entradas zarzuela La dolorosa Teatro Amaya Zarzuelas 2024


La Dolorosa

Teatro Amaya

Desde 17,00€

26 JUN - 30 JUN

Entradas zarzuela Luisa Fernanda Teatro Amaya


Luisa Fernanda

Teatro Amaya

Desde 19,00€

29 MAY - 09 JUN

Entradas zarzuela La Gran Vía Teatro Amaya zarzuelas 2024


La Gran Vía

Teatro Amaya

Desde 17,00€

03 JUL - 07 JUL

Entradas zarzuela Doña Francisquita Teatro Amaya zarzuelas 2024


Doña Francisquita

Teatro Amaya

Desde 19,00€

12 JUN - 23 JUN

Magic in Madrid

Madrid is a city full with magic. In the history of modern magic, Jean Eugène Robert-Houdin is revered as the father of this art, and thanks to him, magic shows transformed into amazing experiences. 

Today, in Madrid, you can enjoy magic shows suitable for all ages. From the youngest to the oldest, you can enjoy incredible performances. The magic shows you’ll find are varied, from classic tricks that will leave you baffled to the most incredible feats. Among the most renowned magicians in the country are El Mago Pop, Jorge Blas, El Mago Yunke, and even the comedian Jandro. 

Madrid is the perfect stage to experience magic and enjoy performances that defy logic and stimulate the imagination. The city is also known for its rich theatrical scene, with a wide variety of theaters offering a range of shows, from musicals to classical and contemporary plays. Music, performance, and magic come together to create unforgettable experiences. 

Children's musical shows in Madrid

Musicals in Madrid are not exclusive for adults; they are a unique experience designed for the little ones in the family as well. Enjoying these shows together is a perfect plan for the entire family. In the lineup of children’s musicals in Madrid, you often find adaptations of Disney classics and family-friendly shows like «Elsa’s Dreams,» an ideal musical for everyone, or the new show «Circlassica: Gran Circo Mundial,» a completely new and unique spectacle that brings back the DNA of the Circus World, featuring the best international artists showcasing their skills in the ring. 

In Madrid, fun and learning are combined in a variety of musicals designed for the whole family, offering memorable experiences. 

Theaters in Madrid

In Madrid, there are various types of theaters that offer a wide variety of shows and musicals. The city’s theater scene has been enriched by places that have successfully incorporated this genre. 

One of the most iconic theaters in this commitment to musicals is the Teatro Rialto. Although it initially functioned as a cinema, it quickly transformed into a theater. This is where the musical «Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar» premiered, which became a national phenomenon. Since then, it has continued to host other major musicals and concerts, establishing itself as a reference stage. Currently, you can find «Mamma Mia! The Musical. 

Another theater that has embraced music is the Teatro Calderón. Starting in 2015, this theater has embraced the musical genre, beginning with the show «STOMP.» Over the years, it has received numerous shows, both internationally and nationally, enriching Madrid’s cultural offerings, such as «The Book of Mormon.» 

Teatro Amaya, originally a cinema, made the transition to theater in 2003, despite initial doubts about its success. Over time, it has been the stage for significant productions and hosted renowned artists and directors, becoming a fundamental part of Madrid’s theater scene. 

The Nuevo Teatro Alcalá, throughout its history, has hosted a variety of shows, from zarzuelas to flamenco stars. In 1975, it premiered «Jesus Christ Superstar» with great success. Currently, this theater showcases an impressive collection of musicals, including «Matilda the Musical» and «Baby Boom.» 

Teatro Apolo, located just 300 meters from the Puerta del Sol, has been a relevant stage since 1987. It has hosted a wide range of shows, including musicals, plays, and concerts. Some of the most outstanding shows, like «Chicago,» «El Médico,» and «Singing in the Rain,» have taken place in this iconic Madrid theater. 

In Madrid, the diversity of theaters has contributed to making the city a hub for theatrical and musical culture, offering unforgettable experiences. 

Reserve your tickets for musical performances in Madrid

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an incredible moment in Madrid! Avoid  endless queues and reserve your tickets for musical shows and a wide range of events in the city directly from our ticket sales page. 

Furthermore, special discounts, exclusive offers for musicals and theater, and promotions await you in Madrid. Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of these offers in Madrid. Book your tickets in advance and ensure you don’t miss any of the musical shows and events in Madrid.  Musicals in Madrid – Tickets and discounts on Instanticket

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